Eralis Locally Develops SAP Business One Module Released Worldwide

The international release of the job costing module for SAP Business One confirms Eralis’ (formerly Enprise) position as a leading developer and reseller of business software in the SAP Business One channel worldwide.

The new module was developed to meet an identified need for a solution that looks after the servicing and job management market.

The job costing modules helps to:

  • Manage time, resources and materials
  • Manage jobs and multiple sub-job
  • Analyze costs and budgets
  • Create purchase orders
  • Create and order estimates
  • Alert managers when a job runs over budget
  • And much more

“Without the job costing module, SAP Business One doesn’t have the functionality that some potential customers need,” says Leanne Graham. “The addition of job costing to the SAP Business One suite will help to expand SAP’s market share in the SME (small to medium-size enterprise) market.”

SAP Business One, which was released about 18 months ago, was heralded as a major breakthrough for small to medium-sized businesses. Software licenses, including implementation for five users, works out to around $25,000 – a thoroughly affordable price for most organizations.

Now SAP Business One dealers in 38 counties can download the Eralis job costing module, which has been built inside SAP Business One.

Even more significantly, Eralis job costing will make SAP Business One more attractive to new customers.

One example of the usefulness of job costing comes from New Zealand Crane Hire, where Director, Dean Manly, has been working with Eralis developers to get exactly what he needs from SAP Business One.

“We do a lot of work that is hourly rate or fixed price, so it really helps to have a program that allows us to look at the cost of opportunities, as well as actual costs,” says Dean. “We need to generate cost-efficient quotes, manage contracts and time, but we also need to track the use of resources. For that reason, we’ve asked the Eralis job costing developers to deliver visual resource scheduling through Outlook. When it’s implemented, we’ll be able to book cranes as if they were people. It will be a huge leap forward for us.”

The development of the Eralis job costing module is supported by SAP’s PartnerEdge program. ISVs (independent software vendors), such as Eralis, are encouraged to add value to SAP products by developing software that addresses specific market needs. Eralis is on the committee of the PartnerEdge council.

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