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Deliver More Accurate Bids, Win More Jobs

Eralis Job for Trade Contractors, Based on SAP Business One

For specialist trade contractors, the key to success is creating winning bids and delivering on the quote. You need the ability to accurately track all related costs, so you can optimize performance and maximize your margins – on current and future jobs.

This is where Eralis Job and SAP Business One come in. The complete solution allows you to track the true cost of your jobs – everything from labor and materials, to overhead. And with every aspect of your business in a single system, you can manage your jobs more effectively and more efficiently. Everything is integrated, from inventory, purchasing and job management, to accounting, CRM and sales. You get timely, accurate data so you can win more bids and deliver more profitable jobs. Depending on the needs of your business, we also offer optional extensions for additional functionality: Anywhere for field service staff; Rent for managing rental equipment on jobs; and Automate for increased process automation.

Control Costs and Maximize Margins

When you’re working with tight margins, you need to know exactly how much each job costs to deliver. It’s not enough to have a total cost though – you need the breakdown across resources, materials and labor. Eralis Job gives you just that. It allows you to track all relevant costs against the applicable job. You get the visibility you need on every single job, so you can continually improve quotes on future jobs to win more business and improve profitability.

Manage Resources More Effectively

As a service-based company, your people are a big part of your success. You need to maximize your resources, while not over-allocating them. Eralis Job gives you an intuitive scheduling tool that allows you to schedule the right resources to the right jobs, at the right time. The individual resource capacity views help you identify individuals that may be over or under allocated, so you can schedule more effectively.

Win More Bids

Quoting jobs shouldn’t be a guessing game. You need easy access to historical job costs so you know exactly what future jobs will cost to deliver. Eralis Job allows you to analyze past job performance against quotes to identify where you need to adjust on future bids. Make more informed, data-driven decisions to secure more business and deliver on your promise.

Are You Ready to Deliver More Profitable Jobs?

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