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Simplify Your Service Jobs

Eralis Job for Commercial Sales & Service Companies, Based on SAP Business One

When servicing products and equipment is a key component of your business, you need to ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible to keep your customers happy and maximize profitability. No matter how big or small the job, there are a lot of moving parts that impact your efficiency and profitability – everything from budgets, contracts and progress billing, to service delivery, staff productivity and purchasing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage every aspect of your jobs, and capture all the costs, within a single system?

Now you can, with Eralis Job for SAP Business One. The solution integrates the sales and service sides of your business, allowing you to manage your inventory, sales and service jobs in one system, ensuring your data is timely and accurate. Eralis Job is designed specifically for SAP Business One. It allows you to monitor every aspect of every job in a centralized job management system. Depending on the needs of your business, you also have the option to expand functionality with our point solutions that work alongside Eralis Job.

Control Costs and Maximize Profitability

To maximize profitability, you need to know what you spend on each aspect of each job. It’s not enough to have a total cost on your jobs – you need the breakdown across resources, materials and labor. Eralis Job gives you just that. It allows you to track all relevant costs against the applicable job. You get the visibility you need on each and every job, so you can continually improve your service offering and improve profitability.

Manage Resources More Effectively

When you run a service-based business, your people are a big part of your success. You need to maximize your resources, while not over-allocating them. Eralis Job gives you an intuitive scheduling tool that allows you to schedule the right resources to the right jobs, at the right time. The individual resource capacity views help you identify individuals that may be over or under allocated, so you can schedule more effectively.

Improve Materials Management

Just as it’s important to have the right resources available to perform the work on your jobs, it’s equally important to have the right materials when you need them. Eralis Job and SAP Business One allow you to manage inventory and materials on a job-by-job basis, so you know exactly what you need for each job. And with smart inventory management capabilities, you’ll have the right materials on hand at the right time.

Are You Ready to Simplify Your Service Jobs?

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