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Eralis Job

With Eralis Job, you can monitor every aspect of every job with a centralized job management system designed specifically for SAP Business One. Further expand the functionality with our point solutions that work with Eralis Job to meet the specific needs of service companies.

Eralis Job for SAP Business One



See the solution in action and gain an understanding of key functionality.

Eralis Job overview video


Contract Management

  • Phase and milestone-based billing
  • Change variation tracking
  • Estimated cost to completion calculations
Contract management with Eralis Job thumbnail

Staff and Materials

  • Enter time, resources and materials from one screen
  • Serial number tracking and bulk imports
  • Time and resource write-offs
Staff and material entry screen


  • Assign and schedule staff and resources to jobs
  • Create standard SAP Business One activities
  • Create job timesheets
Job scheduling screen


  • Integrated with SAP Business One’s GL and cost accounting modules
  • Allows pro-rata invoicing and under/over recoveries
  • Job write-offs
Job invoicing screen thumbnail

Document Management

  • Attach documents to jobs and subjobs
  • Store documents in the SAP Business One database for added security
  • Open and review documents from Eralis Job and the web interface
Document manager screen thumbnail


  • Purchasing and vendor invoicing direct to job
  • Purchase based on estimate
Purchasing for jobs screen

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