Software Giant Helps Eralis Sell to the World

Tiny Auckland software house Enprise Software (now operating as Eralis Software) is using global giant SAP to take its products to the world.

Eralis, which sells and implements SAP Business One for small and medium-sized businesses, has developed a job costing module for the package.

“It was something customers here were asking us for – New Zealand and Australia are job economies,” said Mark Loveys.

The module allows users to create a hypothetical model of a job or project outside the core accounting system database, and then to track costs and profits throughout the life of the job.

Loveys said it was something many mid-market companies around the world needed.

“Businesses need smarter ways to track resources and jobs. Margins are getting tighter,” he said.

Loveys said because of SAP’s name and global reach, Business One could become the number one small and medium-sized business accounting package.

“We see Eralis as primarily a development company. By developing for a worldwide platform, we can tap into the markets quicker. We don’t have to go into a lot of different countries and set up our sales infrastructure.”

“There will always be some companies that prefer a local product in accounting. There are also features of any product which will suit some businesses and not others,” said Loveys.

Loveys demonstrated the module, to resellers at an Asia-Pacific SAP event last month.

“There was a lot of excitement about it and I have a big list of contacts to work on,” Loveys said.

Eralis has also developed a banking interface module for SAP Business One.

Source: Adam Gifford, NZ Herald

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