SAP Champions Eralis Job Costing Tool

Eralis Software (formerly Enprise Software) has developed a job costing toolkit that SAP will sell around the world.

The job costing module was developed for the SAP Business One suite and is about to be launched in the US and the UK. “It has been embraced in the SAP world and was launched in Canada late last year. We’re about to launch in the UK and the US simultaneously.”

Job costing is used by a wide range of businesses, so Eralis decided to pick a narrow band of applications.

“We looked at IT service companies that we understand inherently. The strategy consisted of producing three sets of toolkits for resellers around the world to use. This includes a marketing kit for how to attract businesses at the particular time. It also has a sales kit on how to engage with the sales that are generated from the marketing.”

Where the solution becomes very powerful, is that once someone has used one of these kits, it’s very easy to shift to another one like equipment servicing.

Source: Reseller News

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