SAP Business One to Streamline Ethniks Support Services

Johannesburg – Digital signage broadcaster and solutions provider, Ethniks Systems, is converting to a SAP Business One financial, ERP and CRM software solution from branded business and technology solutions provider and implementer Lorge.

Implementation of the SAP Business One and Eralis (formerly Enprise) job costing software is under way. Lorge SAP Business One corporate sales manager Alex Viviers said the system will integrate financial, warehousing, distribution, the Ethniks call center and technical support environment with full ERP functionality.

“The call center environment and CRM are critical to Ethniks Systems in order to provide the intensive level of support and service required by their customer base,” says Viviers.

“When a customer experiences a problem and contacts the call center, the hardware held by the client will be immediately tracked and verified via serial number. If the problem cannot be resolved in the call center, the integration of the system with warehousing, job costing and stock enables replacement hardware to be quickly checked and confirmed, and a technician to be allocated.”

The required hardware is then issued to the technician to take with him to the customer site in order to restore the system by repair or replacement. Viviers added that the SAP Business One system will also automatically capture technician time sheets, control the issue and return of boot stock, and monitor and control the service delivery in the call center.

The SAP Business One capability to offer Ethniks fully integrated ERP functionality, CRM, activity management, call center monitoring and job costing will streamline customer interface and service provision.

About Ethniks Systems

Ethniks Systems, headquartered in Bryanston, Johannesburg, has points of presence in Cape Town, Durban, Polokwane and Port Elizabeth. The company provides digital signage broadcasting solutions covering consultation and investigation, design, development, implementation and training to major corporate and government institutions.

The SAP Business One system is expected to go live in May 2009.

About Lorge

Lorge is the preferred supplier and implementer of branded business and technology solutions. A deep pool of experience and skills accumulated over 22 years ideally places Lorge to provide independent and consistent expertise in the implementation, support, maintenance and application modifications of business and accounting software systems. Innovative solutions that provide businesses with strategic and competitive advantage are designed and implemented throughout southern Africa.

Source: ITWeb

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