New Team Line-up Rich in Experience

Recent changes to Eralis Software’s core team line-up have seen experience rise to the top, with new General Manager Cathy Masters celebrating ten years with Eralis (formerly known as Enprise Software).

Cathy Masters, General Manager

Cathy has been appointed General Manager of Eralis Software. Previously she was Sales and Technical Enablement Manager. Cathy says the new team line-up leverages more than 20 years of experience in Eralis product development.

“The changes improve our ability to deliver in key areas of management, development cycle and reseller support,” she says.

“My new role sees me running the team and helping to set direction and strategy. Two of my main areas of focus are providing better reseller support and improving our development processes. The recent staffing changes make progress in both of those areas.”

Vicky Lila, Support Manager

Vicky runs the support team and also has some involvement in product management and direction.

“Vicky is responsible for the provision of timely and effective support to our partner network,” Cathy Masters says.

“She is focused on giving partners a good support experience. Partner feedback on Vicky has already been extremely positive. Paradoxically, support call volumes have risen as word gets around the partner base about our new increased speed of call resolution. It’s been very satisfying to make these changes and see a rapid change in important KPIs like support resolution times. The value of some of the other changes will become more apparent over time, as process improvements around development cycle quality start to bear fruit.”

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