Eralis Plots World Domination

Between its services and development divisions, Eralis Software (formerly Enprise Software) is making a name for itself both here and on the international stage. In May, the company launched a job costing module it had developed for SAP Business One, and is already reporting license sales in the hundreds. Leanne Graham says Eralis sells the module direct here, but overseas sales go through SAP’s international channel.

“We have a couple of channel managers around the world, going into various areas and working with SAP on vertical market campaigns,” she says.

Eralis has also developed a bank interface module that is currently sold in Australasia and a retail point of sales module – Infinity POS.

Graham says the objective for further development is to look at SAP Business One in the market and see how it can be expanded through modules and integration.

Earlier this year, Eralis gained top ranking in New Zealand for sales of SAP’s Business One and rated second in Australasia.

Graham attributes this success to the focus on marketing and customer perception in the small to medium business space.

“Eralis has a history in that sector while a lot of other companies have been working at enterprise level and are trying to move down.”

She believes the growth potential for SAP Business One in New Zealand is huge and says Eralis has only scratched the surface.

Alex Morcom, SAP Small and Mid-market Manager, describes Eralis as a dynamic, energetic group of people that are an asset to SAP.

“They’re very driven and passionate with a great leadership team backed up by experience in the ERP SME space,” he says.

Kate Palmer, Reseller News

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