A Quick Comparison of Eralis and Project Functionality in SAP Business One Version 9.2

Version 9.2 of SAP Business One offers a new Project module that many have been waiting for. So what does this mean? Do SAP Business One customers with project or job requirements still need Eralis? Read on for more insights.

If an organization is a distributor or a light manufacturer, and simply needs a centralized structure for projects, but does not need project accounting (or job costing), time and expense capture, comprehensive project reporting, and so on, the new Project module in version 9.2 might be all that is required. Otherwise, users will still need a companion solution to accomplish the common project accounting requirements. Here is a quick summary of how the two solutions stack up:

Feature Eralis 9.2 Project
Project/Sub-project Structure
Project Resources
Project Activities
Project Time and Expense Capture
Basic Project Profit and Loss
Full Financial Project/Job Accounting
Project Billing
Basic Project Reporting
Comprehensive Project Reporting

If you have more questions about project accounting or job costing, or would like to dig deeper into the differences between the two solutions, feel free to contact us.

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