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Easily Work as a Team to Deliver Successful Projects

Eralis Project for Project Teams, Based on SAP Business One

Projects tend to be most successful when all members of the team are accountable for their role. This means you need the ability to see your assigned activities, track your time and expenses, and stay on top of your own progress. With Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, you can do all of this, in a single, easy-to-use system – all you need is a web browser.

See How Eralis Project, Based on SAP Business One, Allows You to Work More Efficiently with Your Team

Track Your Time and Expenses Faster

  • Quickly and easily track your time as you work it, using the intuitive web-based timesheet module.

  • Copy activities from previous weeks for ongoing projects to quickly setup your weekly timesheet.

  • Provide notes for your Project Manager in your timesheets to explain why more or less time was spent on an activity than originally planned.

  • Easily tag your expenses to project activities and upload your receipts.

Track Your Own Progress in Real-time

  • Get real-time updates of your progress against weekly targets, like utilization and chargeability, right from your timesheet.

  • Easily view and export reports of your time and expenses.

Stay Up-to-date on Project Progress

  • See the status of the projects you’re working on using the project dashboards.

  • View project GANTT charts for the most current schedule information and activity progress.

Are You Ready to Put Your Project Work into Overdrive?

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Eralis Project is currently only available in North America, through select partners.

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