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Deliver More Projects On Time and On Budget

Eralis Project for Project Managers, Based on SAP Business One

The more complex your projects are, the more difficult they are to deliver predictably. Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, simplifies the project lifecycle. With access to historical product information, you can craft more accurate project plans. Real-time progress updates allow you to keep tabs on timelines and budgets, so you can identify overruns early on and adjust accordingly.

Eralis Project is currently only available in North America, through select partners.

See How Eralis Project, Based on SAP Business One, Allows You to Manage Projects More Effectively

Establish Sound Project Plans

  • Easily evaluate past project performance and use as a basis when crafting new project plans.

  • Ensure you have the resources you need for your projects with a complete view of company-wide resource availability.

Deliver Projects More Predictably

  • Use real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) to quickly check the status of your projects.

  • Simplify cost tracking with a direct link between entered time and expenses, and the applicable project.

  • Identify variances in schedules or budgets with optimized project views that clearly show actual and planned comparisons.

Know Where Time is Being Spent

  • Easily view the time worked on each project by individual resource.

  • For more complex projects, have your team track time against specific project activities, so you can understand how the labor breaks out across project stages.

  • Get a quick snapshot of resource utilization by week or month with key performance indicators for each employee.

Simplify External Consultant Cost Tracking

  • External Consultants can simply capture time and expenses against projects the same way your employees do.

  • Alternatively, if your External Consultants prefer to invoice you for the work, you can tag your Accounts Payable invoice against the project. This will capture the costs against the project and can be billed through to the client.

Streamline WIP Processing

  • Configure billing settings for individual phases and tasks in your project, making it easy to manage costs as the work gets underway.

  • Easily note any necessary mark-ups (or mark-downs) to align with with contracted budgets.

  • Complete draft billing faster with bulk processing of multiple transactions.

  • Submit billing instructions to your accounting team with a few simple clicks.

Increase Efficiency Across the Organization

  • Increase user adoption with the intuitive browser-based application.

  • Reduce time spent on administrative functions, using streamlined and automated processes.

  • Give your team visibility into project progress and individual performance with customizable dashboards and KPIs.

Get Ready to Deliver More Profitable Projects

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