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Build More Profitable Client Relationships

Eralis Project for Business Development, Based on SAP Business One

Building relationships with your prospects and clients is key to closing new business. An integrated system allows you to not only track contact information, but also related activities and opportunity details – all in the same place. Eralis Project and SAP Business One enable you to easily manage your pipeline and identify your most profitable opportunities.

See How Eralis Project and SAP Business One Enable You to Manage Your Sales Process and Customer Lifecycle More Effectively

Keep Track of Your Opportunities

  • Get a complete view of your prospect and client information. Easily track detailed records of all your interactions.

  • Use standard SAP Business One CRM features to track all opportunities, view up-to-date pipeline information, and analyze your win/loss rate.

  • Create system reminders so you never miss a follow-up.

  • Store all critical customer data in one place.

Secure More Business for Your Firm

  • Use past projects as a template to quickly create accurate time and budget proposals.

  • Build rapport with prospective clients using performance metrics that demonstrate your ability to deliver on contracts.

Easily Transition Prospects into Active Clients

  • When you close a deal, simply update a few key fields and they become an active client in the system. No need to manually transfer information to a different system.

  • Proposal estimates transfer directly to the active project, where your project team can build on and expand the plan into more detail.

Are You Ready to Build More Profitable Client Relationships?

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Eralis Project is currently only available in North America, through select partners.

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