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Manage Projects in Real-time for More Predictable Results

Understand the progress of your projects while you’re working on them, not once they’re finished.

With Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, you can easily evaluate the status of any project, at any time. Manage proactively with real-time data updates, so you can deliver more projects on time, on budget.

Eralis Project is currently only available in North America, through select partners.

Project time entry and submission

Capture Project Time More Accurately

When your systems are too complex or difficult to use, your team puts off entering time. This often leads to a “best guess” at the end of the week. The intuitive browser-based timesheet in Eralis Project makes it easy to record time against project activities, anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Leakage with More Accurate Cost Tracking

Incorrectly tagged expenses are one of the most common areas of leakage. Accurately capture your project-related expenses by configuring expense settings in your project setup. This makes it easy for your team to submit expense claims without having to worry about whether it’s chargeable or not, and ensures all applicable costs are allocated to the project.

Project expense entry thumb
Project activity resource allocation thumb

Keep Tabs on Your Activities

Get visibility on actual time worked on project activities. Compare actual data to your planned hours, at an activity or resource level. Easily dig into activity notes from timesheets to understand why variances are occurring.

Visualize Your Schedules

Use the interactive GANTT chart to see your project schedules, progress per activity and make adjustments on the fly when necessary.

Interactive project GANTT
Project dashboard thumb

Get Instant Visibility into Project Performance

View key project information at a glance with customizable project dashboards that display your most important information.

Manage Ongoing Client Support

Manage ongoing support projects more effectively with ticket tracking. Timesheet records are automatically created from completed tickets, reducing admin time for your team, and increasing billing accuracy.

Support ticket thumb

Are You Ready to Deliver More Predictable Projects?

Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, can help. See 3 examples of how a project-based ERP system allows you to deliver more successful projects and achieve your growth goals.

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