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Get Instant Performance Insight

Easily understand the health of your projects and your business as a whole with real-time dashboards and built-in reporting.

Make faster, more informed decisions with real-time insight into your project performance. With Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, you can easily see the most important metrics for your business in corporate and project-specific dashboards. Built-in reporting allows you to dig deeper and evaluate the profitability of each and every project.

Eralis Project is currently only available in North America, through select partners.

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Get Instant Visibility into Project Performance

View key project information at a glance with customizable project dashboards that display your most important information.

Monitor Project Budgets in Real-time

Easily view the status of your project budgets with a simple breakdown of current and invoiced costs, then compare to your original budget. Quickly identify potential overruns so you can adapt proactively.

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Plan Your Book of Business More Effectively

Make better decisions about future projects and plan more efficiently with a company-level project plan. Get a top level view of all ongoing and proposed projects, including schedules, budgets and planned labor hours.

Easily Assess Your Business Health

Gain real-time insight into your overall business and financial performance with standard or custom dashboards that display your key metrics.

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Create detailed project reports

Conduct Detailed Performance Analysis

Dig deeper into your project and company performance with labor, expense, project and financial reports. See the information you need using your preferred parameters and filters.

It’s Time to Make More Informed, Data-driven Business Decisions

See why complete visibility – into your projects and your business as a whole – is crucial to achieving continued growth.

Learn More About the Importance of Visibility