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Simplify Service Contract Management

Take the pain out of tracking contract phases and milestones. Let our job management system do the work for you.

Sometimes your jobs are straight forward – you bill for the time and materials used. Other times, your billing might be based on milestones or phases outlined in a service contract. Keeping track of these details across multiple jobs can be time consuming, especially if you’re doing it all manually.

With Eralis Job, the contract details for each customer or job are tracked inside of SAP Business One. Streamline your contract management processes with all information in a single place.

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Easily Track Billing Periods

Each service contract is unique, which means your billing periods will be different for each job. With integrated contract management, you can easily track the phases and milestones for individual contracts.

Maintain Accounting Compliance

Move beyond manual revenue recognition and increase accuracy of your accounting procedures. Built-in functionality allows you to invoice according to a schedule that works for you and your customer, while ensuring compliance with international accounting regulations.

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Manage Reporting Proactively

Improve accuracy of financial reporting with the ability to estimate the cost to complete your jobs at any point in time.

See Eralis Job in Action

Manage your service jobs more efficiently with the Eralis Job Suite of solutions. Get in touch with a partner in your area to setup a demo.

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