Customer Story: Zantek Information Technology

Customer Story: Zantek Information Technology 2017-09-15T14:24:20-06:00

Eralis Job for SAP Business One Delivers Productivity Gains for Zantek

As a core part of Zantek’s business is helping its clients keep their IT systems running smoothly and on budget, it’s crucial the company has complete confidence in the solution it installs. Hence the decision to turn to SAP.

In Search of Simplicity

Ron Mondor, Zantek founder, says the decision to deploy SAP Business One made sense, and not only because of the productivity gains it would bring to Zantek. “We wanted to be able to tell our customers that we used SAP’s business management software internally and be in a strong position to recommend it to them,” he says.

Mondor highlights SAP Business One’s fixed pricing and fixed implementation environment which results in a single low cost solution, suitable for small to medium sized businesses. Additionally, Mondor says he was also looking for a job costing solution that could organize the company’s services business in order to manage projects.

Eralis Job for SAP Business One, says Mondor, “was the perfect fit due to its range of features and extremely affordable price. I’d reviewed a number of products and was very impressed with the look, feel and capabilities of the software.”

Although Zantek was using a product from QuickBooks, Mondor says it was limited in its functionality. “We were looking for an easy-to-use interface and the ability to develop a time entry system to work with Outlook so field staff could use a calendar to schedule jobs and make notes after a consultation,” says Mondor. He says the openness of Eralis Job for SAP Business One was a key factor in his selection of it and describes the solution as far superior to other products on the market. “Implementing SAP Business One with Eralis Job has definitely saved the technicians time. Previously, they had to type in the information several times, now it’s a very simple process.”

Recognizing the Benefits

As a result of the deployment, Mondor says he can now analyze Zantek’s divisional groups by measuring key performance indicators.

“Eralis Job for SAP Business One means I can measure how much business we’re doing in the various different departments, which is crucial as the company continues to grow. We now have more of a granular overview of the business.”
Ron Mondor, Zantek

Mondor says the sheer flexibility of the solution is poised to bring further benefits to his company as staff continue to develop their own internal processes. “The training provided was extremely comprehensive and of value to everyone, not just the technical people. That provided us with a great starting point and we are continuously discovering loads of extra functionality.”

“Eralis Job for SAP Business One has clearly been developed by people who understand project management and costing and it is extremely flexible, making it a perfect fit for many different industries.”

Tricky Integration a Breeze

While the implementation has resulted in a raft of internal benefits to Zantek, the company has also been able to use the solution to break into new vertical markets. Zantek has already had a major win in the construction industry through a pioneering project using SAP Business One and Eralis Job. “We had searched the world for a reference solution but found nothing. However, once we had assessed the customer’s requirements we found that by bringing our own experience with Eralis Job for SAP Business One together with a number of other products we could meet all their needs.”


Zantek’s existing financial system was limited in its functionality and didn’t allow the company to integrate its own time entry system for field staff. Additionally, as an SAP business partner, Zantek wanted to deploy the solution internally in order to clearly demonstrate the benefits to its customers.

Features critical to Zantek include job management, estimating, timesheets and service.

About Zantek

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Innovative Canadian-based IT solutions provider, Zantek, provides IT services to a wide range of industries including retail, distribution and construction. Already an SAP business partner, Zantek wanted to implement SAP Business One internally, so it could demonstrate first-hand the benefits to its customers.

Business Benefits

  • Zantek has successfully integrated Eralis Job for SAP Business One into its own unique solution, prepared for the construction industry
  • Visibility and control over time
  • Granular view on key performance of different divisions within the company
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