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Specialist service provider JBC Industrial Services Ltd. uses Eralis Job to manage and report on jobs carried out by its 60 mobile workers across the UK, while Eralis Automate creates and schedules hundreds of recurring invoices with the touch of a button.

JBC has ambitious growth plans. As well as large new implementations, the company is growing the side of the business that services existing plants. These customers are served by a large mobile workforce and receive recurring maintenance invoices based on individual service contracts.

“We have 60 guys out on the road and we always struggled to pull their data in,” says Managing Director Jamie Bashall.

“To grow the business profitably and effectively we needed to manage our jobs, callouts and maintenance contracts in much more detail. Tight integration between our accounting and job management systems was an important part of getting that more detailed view.”

JBC sourced the services of APH Computers Ltd. for their experience and knowledge of the job costing market place. APH recommended SAP Business One with add-on modules Eralis Job and Eralis Automate. APH designed the new system to streamline previously manual systems and feed all information into a central hub.

“The main reason we chose SAP Business One was because of Eralis Job – it acts as a window to the whole of our operation,” Jamie Bashall says.

“Eralis Job operates on a shared cloud platform, so everyone can see the exact same information. It enables real-time management for JBC.”

JBC uses Eralis Job to track costs and revenue against a range of cost centers. By recording time and materials used for each job, JBC can analyse the profitability of any job. Eralis Job is viewed and used by a wide range of JBC staff around the country. Jamie Bashall says Eralis Job is flexible in allowing individual staff to view different levels of information.

You can harness specific information on a particular project or define information parameters to suit staff roles. I look at sales profit every day and our marketing and sales staff can see the information they want. We can examine what we’re selling, to whom, or run financial reports that track costs for a job. All jobs are managed inside Eralis Job so we can look at any job.

JBC looked at competing products and compared them to the Eralis platform. Jamie Bashall says other products didn’t offer the availability of information.

“Competing products also couldn’t filter jobs – this is something we find extremely useful. Eralis Job has a job management screen that enables you to look at jobs in many different ways. For example you can view a summary of all jobs, see which manager is assigned to a job, look at sub-jobs, invoicing, accounting, view by job type or by service contract, by region, by market, by sales opportunity, look at scheduling, unproductive time, materials. We can report on anything we can see.” Online quotations make it easy for JBC to compare quotes against actual costs.

JBC uses another Eralis add-on module—Eralis Automate—to manage the recurring invoicing required by maintenance contracts. Eralis Automate manages and schedules the raising of recurring invoices. It’s a time saving solution that removes the need to manually create invoices. It also prevents the possibility of invoices being missed; they are already in the system and scheduled to run on a specific date.

“We used to do these individually. Now we use Eralis Automate to batch out hundreds of invoices a month with the press of a button,” Jamie Bashall says.

“It’s freed up staff for more productive matters.”

JBC is supported by APH Computers, a leading supplier of SAP Business One and IT support services.

“Eralis Job handles engineering and services businesses particularly well,” says Charlie Heywood, Director of APH Computers Ltd. “The ability to manage the profitability of jobs consistently—big and small, new and ongoing—is a key performance indicator for these companies.”


JBC Industrial Services says Eralis Job was the main reason it chose SAP Business One. Eralis Job acts as a window into the whole business. JBC’s 60-strong mobile workforce uses Eralis Job to send job data back to a central hub. Eralis Job enables JBC to view its jobs through multiple filters, including job profitability; a summary of all jobs; which manager is assigned to a job; sub-jobs; invoicing; job type or service contract; jobs by region; jobs by market; by sales opportunity; job scheduling; unproductive time; and job materials.

JBC uses Eralis Automate to create and schedule hundreds of recurring invoices each month with the touch of a button.

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