Customer Story: Eagle Technology Group

Customer Story: Eagle Technology Group 2017-11-23T18:26:22-06:00

Eralis Add-ons Simplify Eagle’s Project and Service Management

IT company Eagle Technology Group uses SAP Business One and several add-on modules from Eralis—including Eralis Job, Eralis Bank, Eralis ImportGL and Eralis Automate—to tightly manage a complex business without strain, and report on its profitability in real-time. It uses Eralis Automate to produce and manage recurring invoices; Eralis Bank for bank reconciliations; Eralis ImportGL for importing a range of large journals straight into SAP Business One; and Eralis Job to manage and report on technical services, consulting activities, service calls, recurring jobs and the help desk.

Eagle produces full reporting for each of its business units, as well as for the Group as a whole. They use Eralis Job to report profitability in real-time, says Group Financial Controller Maureen Reilly. “We use Eralis Job to enable good business management,” she says. “Reports can be generated by job number or by consultant. We can see instantly if a project is still open and how much time and cost is involved. It allows close monitoring of one-off projects and also of regular client jobs. It’s the same story for pre-sales. Even though the customer will not be charged, we can still see the cost associated with each prospect.”

“Eralis Job is easy to learn and the accounting of transactions is spot on. I’ve never found an accounting error in the three years I’ve been using Eralis Job.”
Maureen Reilly, Eagle Technology Group

Users can choose different invoice formats – detailed, one line only, and by sub-jobs. “This means we can roll up small jobs into one invoice if the customer prefers a single invoice,” says Maureen Reilly. Eagle uses Eralis Automate to produce recurring invoices. “It’s a very efficient way of managing recurring invoices, and saves us a significant amount of time every month,” Maureen Reilly says. Eagle runs Eralis Bank for it’s bank reconciliations, which Maureen Reilly says makes for “easy housekeeping”.

“With SAP Business One, you can create a query to get any information you want,” she says. “For example, using SQL you can extract information on revenue and gross margin by customer and by business unit. Eralis Job is the same. The analysis of jobs can be done by exporting the lines to spreadsheet or by SQL query, or via standard reports in Eralis Job. There are lots of ways to access and understand your data”.


The Eralis add-ons have enabled Eagle to better manage a complex business, while spending less time and effort. Eagle has further automated tasks – such as invoicing and bank reconciliations – saving staff time and improving accuracy. Eralis Job is at the heart of Eagle’s service activities. It enables the company to understand the cost of every project, report on profitability in real-time and closely monitor and report on service calls and recurring jobs.

About Eagle Technology Group

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Eagle is an IT company that sells, implements and supports a range of hardware and software products. Eagle also provides training in its own dedicated training facility. Eagle has deployed Enprise add-on modules to significantly extend the functionality of SAP Business One.

Implementation Partner

Business Benefits

  • Time and cost of each project is visible
  • Recurring invoices are automated
  • Bank reconciliations are fully automated

Key Outcomes

  • Know the cost of every project and pre-sales activity
  • Closely manage and report on every service call and recurring job
  • Automation saves staff time
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