5 Reasons to Select a Project Management System Based on SAP Business One

For small and mid-size project-based firms, efficiency is key. Your people are your business and you need to make the most of everyone’s time. One of the best ways to do this is to implement a system that enables you to streamline and automate processes, and eliminate complexity across the entire organization. While stand alone project management software may help you manage your projects more effectively, that’s where it ends. You’re still stuck transferring data back and forth between systems, either manually or through some sort of in-house integration.

To see efficiency gains across the whole company, you need a project-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system like Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One. The solution integrates your entire business into a single system, allowing you to operate more efficiently and more profitably.

As you research project-based ERP solutions, you’ll quickly discover that business management capability is just as important as project management capability. If you implement a system that has one but not the other, you’ll soon find yourself wanting more from the solution. With Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One, you get equal parts business and project management. You can learn more about the project management capabilities on our product page. But for now, let’s focus on the other component – why SAP Business One?

Overcome the top 3 challenges faced by growing firms with Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One.
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Here are 5 reasons why SAP Business One is the leading ERP choice among small and mid-size companies worldwide:

1. It’s designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses.

Many SMEs hear SAP and immediately think of “big SAP”. What they don’t realize is that SAP Business One isn’t a “scaled down” version of an enterprise level system. The solution is developed specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-size companies.

2. With all your business data in one system, you can make faster, more informed business decisions.

The impact of this can’t be understated. When your information is stored in multiple disconnected systems, it’s time consuming to consolidate and make sense of it. And with multiple data sources, you’re likely to have different versions of the same information. How can you make timely decisions using data that you’re not confident in? SAP Business One solves that problem. You have one source for all your information. And it’s accessible, so you don’t have to manually compile the data into a form that can be analyzed.

3. It allows you to free up resources across your company.

With process automation and the elimination of duplicate data entry, your team will have more time to focus on the tasks that are important to running (and growing) your business.

4. The solution grows with your business.

We understand that implementing a new system is a big undertaking. You don’t want to go through the process every 5 years because your systems can’t keep pace with your growth. SAP Business One has the flexibility to adjust to changing requirements, as your business continues to grow. You can easily scale the system to match your growing headcount, increasing order volume and evolving processes.

5. Over 55,000 small and mid-size companies across the globe run their businesses on SAP Business One.

If you weren’t already sold on SAP Business One, this should stick in your mind – 55,000+ companies. That’s a pretty strong testament to what the solution can do for your business.

The benefits are clear. SAP Business One and Eralis Project are the top choice for small and mid-size project-based firms like yours. Take your business to the next level.

Overcome the top 3 challenges faced by growing firms with Eralis Project, based on SAP Business One.
Take the free product tour to see how.

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